Friday, May 9, 2008

According to VIP Brazil/bablefish

"Weekly Songs

Star of the YouTube, Abby Simons is a esquisitona of the California that created the Songs project from the Hat. To each sunday to 23h59 (in the local hourly spindle) it dispatches by post a video of a new music. The songs are inspired by the subjects sent by internautas, that it chooses by lot of a hat to the end of each presentation. The trick started in 4 of December of 2007. In its bigger success, I Made the Collab! With Myself..., with more than 480 a thousand views, it speaks on its relation with the YouTube. Nerd to the extremity."

-VIP Brazil

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I wrock?

Those of you who know me know that I have long been a fan of the Harry Potter series. Frankly, who in my generation isn't? Harry Potter transcends all superficial dividers; the geeks love it, and it's the only book the near illiterate cheerleaders have ever read.

I was quite hardcore in my dedication to the books, but I stood at the fringes of the fandom never entering. For instance, I would go to those crazy midnight book releases, but mainly keep to myself; I would lurk on forums.

But no more! Now that the books are done and some argue the fandom will soon die, I'm ready to jump in head first! That's right, I'm gonna write wizard rock!

The books provide such a deep well of material to work with, which is great for someone like me who can't think of ideas on her own *cough* songsfromahat *cough* So far I've written one song and have a bunch more in my head.

But in all honesty, the most alluring thing about wizard rock is not necessarily the content (though I have been immersing myself in it for the last couple days) but how much frakkin fun all those wizard rockers have! They record and tour which is basically my DREAM at the moment (demand me on myspace!) and look like they have a blast doing it.

So, at the moment, I'm incredibly insecure having never written a song about harry potter before, but if you dare, take a listen and tell me what you think!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mr. Invisible Lyrics

Mr. Invisible wakes up in the morning
Comb coffee train job
Mr. Invisible makes some copies
Of a memo he delivers to Joe and Bob
And he sits in his cubicle
And he plays solitaire
And he twiddles his thumbs
And he combs his hair

Mr. Invisible goes home in the evening
Coat dinner kids couch
Mr. Invisible watches wheel of fortune
But he cant seem to find a way to get out
And he pulls up a pillow
And he turns out the lights
And he fantasizes about
Vanna white

Mr. Invisible
Transparent to one and all
Slow motion in a downward fall
You don’t even bother screaming
Mr. Invisible
Lights out with no one to call
Thinks about nothing at all
On his way to nowhere

Mr. Invisible stares out the window
At the cars passing by
He write spoetry in a notebook
About rainy days and butterflies
And he wonders what’s happening
Acrosss the street
Seems like a party
Seem pretty neat


And he runs runs runs past the lonely years
But they strecht on forever and the end looms near
And mr. invisible wants to be visible


Tea With Todd (with charlieissocoollike)

Hey guys, here's a new podcast I'm a part of. Check it out! (and if you like, subscribe on itunes and podbean)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Hair Cut

So after 3 months of talking about getting a haircut, I finally got one! Last Saturday. I was doing a little experiment to see if anyone would notice the change, but alas, no one did. I suppose it was subtle, though, I did chop off a good two inches. The most noticeable change was in the back, where before it looked like a dead animal, now it looks like the back of someone's hair. I'm really happy with the cut. Might take some pictures, but probably not.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol: Live Blog (look at me, I'm a vapid american!)

It's American Idol! And the contestants are singing songs from the year they were born. Which means the 80's (besides one from the seventies and one from the nineties). 70% of the music from the 80's gives me a headache; we'll see how this goes.

8:03: I started late, Ramiele is up first... um.. yeah, she's boring... and little

8:04: "heart's Alone" The mosh pit it swaying... I don't know how much swaying I can handle

8:05: she's a really good shouter, I'll give her that

8:08: Ramiele's voice went "bye bye!" I don't get why they let toddlers on the show...

8:09: catchy mac air ad! gosh I love that song, la la la la laa

8:12: Jason Castro, it's his birthday! Happy birthday Jason, you're cute.

8:14: audience, stop clapping off beat!

8:17: Simon disses "busking"

8:18: I diss Simon, with my fist!

8:19: boring girl (syesha) will be up for the next couple minutes, I'm going to get dinner

8:24: Did watch her sing, but apparently she did well. Sadly, she was at the start of the show, so no one will remember. Sorry Syesha.

8:30: the mobs swaying again... *hand twitches*

8:32: Chikeze sings. Nice job, but I didn't really like the song. Dont really like any of these songs so far. Either way: Chikeze is cuddly.

8:40: Brooke sings "Every Breath you Take" one of my all time favorites. Don't really like the rendition, miss the awesome guitar riff. But Brooke seems like one of the few people on this show I could have an intelligent conversation with. I'd buy those tickets.

8:49: Ryan asks audience to help design their Coca Cola product placement ad campaign. Sure Ryan, anytime!

8:51: Michael Johns "rocks me" Lucky guy, he was born in a decade with good music. I'd buy tickets to see his Queen cover band play.

8:55: Hey Carly! You're Irish! Get off my Idol! USA FTW.

9:05: Archuleta has a girlfriend? Producers, do you want him to loose? You're really killing his omgomgomg be-my-boyfriend-david!! demographic.

9:15: Kristy Lee Cook sings "God Bless the USA" Trying to bring out the patriotic vote, because vote-for-talent vote wasn't phoning for her.

9:17: Judges do not dare diss a patriotic song, for fear of being black-listed.

9:18: Simon correctly notes, "very clever song choice"

9:24: David cook, sings "Billie Jean" in 6/8!!! Ten seconds in and WOW SO GOOD. Almost couldn't recognize the song at first. Only great performance of the night.

9:27: clip reel rolls. I realize this show isn't that great. I dont listen to any of these songs (save a few). Feel like I wasted an hour and half. You probably feel like you wasted a couple minutes reading this live vlog, huh?


I am 2 degrees from Britney Spears!

So an old high school teacher of mine has a brother, and he is an actor (one who makes a living and is fed by it mind you) and he has a show on CBS called "How I Met Your Mother"

It's really funny sitcom, which is strange because "really funny" and "sitcom" aren't generally seen in the same sentence. The show is about five twenty-somethings living in New York City looking for love going through trials and tribulations and having happy endings. Basically, a funnier* and quirkier version of "Friends", made better by the fact that it stars Josh Radnor, my former teacher's brother who I also met once when he showed up at school (go name dropping!).

The show has been making headlines lately because of the highly publicized guest appearance by a certain celebrity who's name rhymes "hit me, cheers!"

Anyway, her show aired last night and here's my review of her performance.

Britney plays "Abby" (spooky huh? I live life with the delightfully naive impression that my name is unique, just because I've only ever met 2 other Abbys, but I digress...) a receptionist at a tattoo removal clinic, where Ted (teacher's brother) goes to remove the tramp stamp of a butterfly that was accidentally tattooed on to his back. To begin with: really? Tattoo removal? So soon? That butterfly could have been a great running gag, for at least a season or two. Now it's just been lazered away, oh well.

But back to Brit. Her character was not, as I was expecting, the sexy love interest in this story. No, she was the needy and nerdy character character, which is surprising considering her Diva 'tude. There's no getting past the "I'm watching Britney Spears" feeling, despite the way the producers had her anticlimactically enter the episode, without fanfare or applause. But, in this not very qualified reviewers opinion, she pulled it off. I actually had some genuine "lols" during her scenes. The campy character really suited her, and sitcoms are definitely her genre. I'm not suggesting she enters the profession anytime soon, but she definitely held her own alongside the veterans, Sarah Chalke, Neil Patrick Harris and teacher's brother.

In conclusion, I am now two degrees of separation from Brit! Go me! (I definitely need cooler things to brag about)


*heavily biased assessment